Bushehr Province



Bushehr Province


Bushehr Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the south of the country, with a long coastline onto the Persian Gulf. Its center is Bandar-e-Bushehr, the provincial capital.

With 27,653 square kilometers, and with 60 kilometers sea border, the province of Bushehr is located on the south-west of Iran , and on the persian Gulf. Thus this province has remarkable strategic importance for the country and the whole region. The province is consisted of 7 districts which are: Bushehr, Dashti, Daylam, Kangan, Genaveh and Tangistan. The provincial capital and the administrative center of the province is the city of Bushehr.
The population of the province in 1996 was 743,675 from which 53% were registered as urban inhabitant, 44.8% villagers and the remaining 0.2% were unsettled people.
The geographical structure of the province divides the province into two different areas; the plain on the weast and south -west and the mountainous on the north and north-east. The plain is straited on the Persian Gulf cost, and in includes most of cities and towns . The Gach Tursh and Noukand, which form two paralel striated mountains.
The weather on the Persian cost of the province is very warm and humid, while the other parts of the province are very war and dry. There are two distinguishable seasons in the province, the winter, with moderate to cold which usually start from November and lasts to March. The summer is very hot and long season, while the spring and the autumn seasons are very short . The average of the temperature in the province is 24C degree, the the absolute high was recorded at 50C degree, while the lowest was recorded at 6C degree. The average temperature of the coldest month of the year was recorded at 15C degree in the city of Bushehr, and from the middle of May till the middle of October (for 140 days), the temperature usually raise up to 40C degree . And during 5 months of the winter, While a large part of Iran and most northern Europe and Amereca are usually covered with plenty of snow and is ice, the sunny beutiful cost of Bushehr is suitable for holiday and relaxation. The moderate temperature in the autumn and the winter, the nice sae waves, the beautiful fishes moving across the cost and thousands of sea birds flidghing in the blue sky provides marvilous opportunity to spend a pleasant and unforgettable holiday there.



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